Texas Ready Liberty Seed Banks

TEXAS READY sells open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO seed banks, all containing over 80 heirloom varieties personally selected for the home-grown production of tasty and nutritious vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains.

Our name refers to a state of preparedness, not a growing region. Therefore, we offer both a Northern Bank (for Zones 3-6) and a Southern Bank (for Zones 7-10). We are focused upon helping all American citizens to “get off the grid” by providing the materials and knowledge necessary to embark upon a lifestyle of true self-reliance.

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, you and your community can begin to take meaningful steps towards mutual independence. The time is now!

TEXAS READY is founded upon the Texas model of freedom, capitalism, integrity, independence, self-sufficiency, preparedness and civic responsibility. These are the values which inform our personal lives, our business practices and our product line.

Liberty Seed Bankswere created for those wishing to…

  • Supplement their diet with nutrient-dense, home-grown produce
  • Save money on their annual food budget
  • Get off the grid and pursue true self-sustainability
  • Avoid store-bought produce which is usually hormone-laced, chemically-treated and/or genetically modified (we only sell non-GMO seeds!)
  • Insure themselves and their families against food-shortages brought about by power or transportation disruptions, economic downturns or other calamitous events; a survival seed bank, if you will
  • Experience the satisfaction that comes through providing for one’s own needs
  • Teach their children and grandchildren plant biology and basic life skills such as responsibility, persistence, delayed gratification and a solid work ethic
  • Lay up a unit of exchange in the event of a monetary collapse or currency devaluation – in other words, Seed Money!

Our product line is designed to allow you the liberty to provide for yourself and your family with no assistance (or interference) from the government or other outside forces. That’s what Liberty Heirloom Seed Banks are all about!


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